The fun way for your children to learn about technology!

Project based, Co-operative learning!

A Computer Curriculum package that is designed to promote computer literacy. It provides the teachers with a curriculum or with new materials to integrate Information Technology (IT) skills into their current curriculum. It is comprised of theme-based projects.

TechnoKids is:

  • A project is a set of activities that use the computer to create a product such as a report, presentation, or web-based tool. The project includes materials such as a teacher guide, student workbook, and resource files.
  • A teacher guide is a document that contains lessons that are written with step-by-step instructions. Each step is point and click, meaning that there is a written explanation of where to point the mouse or what to type on the keyboard. Moreover, each step also includes a screen shot, which is a picture of what the screen should look like when the action is complete.
  • A student workbook is a collection of assignments that are followed independently by students to complete the lesson activities.
  • Resource files are digital files such as templates, sample files, or reproducible handouts that are needed to complete the lesson activities.

The TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a set of age-appropriate projects that a teacher in an education organization can use to integrate the use of the computer into student activities and promote computer literacy. The Computer Curriculum in Japan is available in five categories: