Computer Camp

Computer Camp for Children 7-11


On this day, campers stretch the limits of their imagination to recreate the way they see themselves – as a beautiful watercolor portrait or as a funny cartoon character. Using various graphic applications campers retouch and rework their digital photograph into amazing pieces of artwork. Afterwards, campers combine all of their digital images into a card entitled "The Many Mes", made using Microsoft Publisher. 

On this day, campers race against time to locate valuable information found on the World Wide Web in the Mysterious Cyberspace Chase activity. The fun continues as campers obtain an e-mail account that allows them to send messages to fellow campers and transmit virtual greeting cards that include riddles and clues. The end of the day has campers apply their analytical skills while playing Cyber-Solve, a game in which they relay clues using videoconference or voice conference equipment.

On this day, campers grasp the answer to the problem by using their brainpower to TechnoSolve! Creating brainteasers using the power of technology campers put their deductive reasoning skills to the test. To begin, campers make a maze that bewilders, bamboozles, and baffles fellow campers. Can these Amazing Mazes be solved? Afterwards campers produce an interactive multiple-choice quiz. By reading the questions and then clicking on possible solutions campers find out if their response is right or wrong.

On this day, campers create their own news-breaking story, which appears as a multimedia report with eye-catching TechnoHeadlines. Their report tells "who, what, where, when, why, and how". Pictures, animation, and entertaining sounds ensure that everyone will be talking about this exciting display of thought-provoking journalism. Did Mickey Mouse really turn to a life of crime? Is Barbie going to marry Godzilla? Are aliens eating homework? It is time the truth is told!

On this day, campers govern their own TechnoNation just for kids. Surveying fellow campers, they learn the kinds of attractions that will incite children to visit. Once they have this information they produce an advertisement flyer for tourists. Every nation needs a National Anthem. Campers create their own song to celebrate the pride they feel about their new TechnoNation.

On this day, campers arrive at the local TechnoSheriff department after their recent training at the Deputy Alien Training Academy (D.A.T.A.). As futuristic law deputies, they travel the galaxy capturing anyone who is breaking the law. Their recent case involves an "alien being". Luckily, an artistic rendition of this latest culprit is made from a witness's description. Adding this information to the TechnoSheriff database, deputies must follow the clues to crack the case. The fun continues, when an alien from a distant planet threatens to invade Earth. Have these deputies finally met their match?

On this day, campers embark on a fantastic journey of the World Wide Web. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the vehicle used to search the archives of the Internet. First stop is an introduction of the World Wide Web and how it is used to access information. Next, a lesson on toolbars and menus, finds campers catching the wave as they learn how to "surf the net". Then, search techniques are refined as campers begin gathering images, animations, and information for a personal web page. The journey concludes as campers put it all together in the form of an interactive web site.

On this day, campers become moviemakers creating a fun film about a wacky and wonderful adventure. Their animated production tells the story of a child who journeys into another world and the events that occur during their travels. In the tradition of such stories as Alice in Wonderland, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Wizard of Oz the character leaves the world they know and enters a magical place. Using digital photographs, video clips, and animated gifs this fabulous story comes to life, with a voice narration explaining each exciting event.

On this day, campers become stockbrokers teaming up to form investment groups that buy and sell stocks. Teams must rely on the Daily Trader, a financial newsletter that reports the latest developments and stock quotes of high profile businesses. In an effort to make money for their customers, teams trade stocks in companies listed on the TechnoStock Exchange (TSE). Learning how the stock market functions, campers keep track of their investment portfolio using Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet program allows them to organize their trades and calculate their current value. Will you make a million or lose it ALL!

On this day, campers suit up as their favourite pirate. Campers use the drawing tools of Microsoft Word to customize a hat and eye patch to make their own pirate costume. But, of course, what pirate would be complete without a parrot? The companion is coloured and printed to perch upon each sailor’s shoulder during their voyages. Campers team up for booty as their crew sails the seven seas in search of the Queen’s lost treasures on the Internet. In making their own map of the computer lab, campers include objects of interest using AutoShapes to plot a path to their workstation. The day concludes with a map to a secret treasure that each crew must find to claim their fortune.

On this day, campers go on a quest to save the kingdom. The wizard "TechnoYort" threatens the land. He has captured the mystic creature that gives the land its health and prosperity. Without this enchanted being the crops will not grow, the sun will not shine, and the rivers will all run dry. Campers are lowly serfs who wish to be knights. They begin their quest in hopes that they can become a member of the Order of TechnoCamp by saving the land.

On this day, campers become techno detectives, solving mock crimes using the power of technology. The day begins with the creation of a badge. Once on duty they are assigned their first case – a stolen CD that contains valuable information. But wait… before the case is closed the chief of police reassigns them to an even bigger case – to search out the criminal who is stealing bits and bytes from people's computers. Discovering that these two crimes are related, our young detectives go after the mastermind of the entire operation.

On this day, campers promote an upcoming concert tour, with a star-studded lineup that includes all their favourite bands. Sound clips, interviews with fans, and information about the bands are combined into an exciting promotion piece. This fabulous advertisement is sure to generate excitement about this once in a lifetime event.

On this day, campers stretch the limits of their imagination by producing fabulous pieces of artwork using the power of technology. Paintings by famous artists in the styles of Cubism, De Stijl, and Impressionism are the fuel for igniting campers to produce their own art style. What they call it is up to them! Each original artwork is hung in a Techno gallery right beside those painted by renowned artists. Everyone will want to view this magnificent collection!

On this day, campers put on their thinking caps to create some brainteasers that are sure to challenge their friends. Using Microsoft Excel, they are introduced to a spreadsheet environment by playing, You Found My X-Cell. They apply their new-found knowledge to create a word search. The fun continues when campers produce a mad lib, which are funny stories that are spontaneously made up with an unexpected result. To complete the day a quiz id developed using simple if-then statements that immediately tells the respondent whether they are correct or need to try again.

On this day, campers participate in the TechnoOlympics. They proudly represent their country in the events TechnoGymnastics, Internet Hurdles, and Graphic Relay. Striving to win the gold they must prove they can be faster, higher, and stronger than their competitors. Let the Olympic spirit shine!

On this day, campers are brought to TechnoIsland where they must outthink, outmatch, and out-assemble their opponents. Tribes compete in contests including Computer Trivia, Binary Code Cracker, and Computer Rescue. The tribe to win the most rewards is granted the title TechnoSurvivor.

On this day, campers contribute to the World Wide Web by posting their own website created using Microsoft Word. The inclusions of hypermedia such as sound, scrolling text, and stylized graphics are sure to draw a lot of visitors to their site.

On this day, campers work for the e-tabloid TechnoStar. As celebrity reporters they write about the activities of sports heroes, models, the rich and famous are saying, doing, and wearing. A popular celebrity has just gone for a makeover. Report on this new look.

On this day, campers produce their own movie. To begin, they learn how to use the editing tools in Windows Movie Maker. Afterwards, they capture action sequences using a video camera. The footage is imported into Movie Maker where scenes are deleted, effects are applied, transitions are added, and sounds are inserted. Upon completion, the movie is released for the world to see. Lights! Camera! Action

On this day, campers become relic hunters. At the request of the Ancient Relic Society they have been asked to examine a sacred item. The sacred item has strange markings that must be deciphered. It becomes clear that only a journey into Egypt will unravel this mystery.